Monday, January 07, 2008

StarLite bringing Starcraft to the DS

No, really. Here's the direct download and here's the game's page. See? StarLite is very real, very homebrew and thankfully very freeware too. If only it were past its obviously early 0.02 version. Still, the promise is there, Blizzard is bound to take notice and if the gods of gaming feel like being nice, we should be playing a pretty proper version of StarCraft on our Nintendo DS consoles sometime during 2008.

Now, who's to start working on a Diablo port?

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  1. Diablo on the go, that would be so sweet! :)

    As for Starcraft, never played it. Yeah, I know, it's a shame, but I make up for it being a Warcraft fan a truly Diablo II addict.

  2. Ok, you really got to believe me Nebacha: Starcraft is still the best game Blizzard has created. Go and grab it (complete with its expansion). It'll probably be dead cheap and you'll definitely thank me. Really. Really really.

  3. Let us know how it goes...

  4. Blizzard have got the soul of my youngest... He's now a confirmed WOW addict. And Guild Wars for that matter... And even Warhammer... You'd be truly proud of him Gnome...

  5. (stands proudly saluting the oldest of the Gingers)

    MMORPGs and Warhammer... Ahh, gaming adulthood...

  6. did I say oldest? Silly me. Meant youngest...