Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Kevtris: the freeware Pocket PC Tetris

In case you have managed to keep your Pocket PC Tetris free, let me humbly point out the folly of your choice and point you to the pretty impressive Kevtris. It's a pretty brilliant remake of the Pajitnov classic with great graphics, interesting options, decent sound and some new gameplay modes. Oh, and the online high-score table is an excellent touch too.

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  1. This doesn't look as great as Puzzle Quest.

  2. A matter of taste really... I quite love Tetris myself.

  3. In that case why don't you pass by the Saturn Junkyard? I recently reviewed 2 Tetris games for the Saturn :)

  4. Oh, but I've already read your amazing retro-tetris-32-bit article dear Nebacha. Fantastic stuff!