Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The solar powered Mario playing handheld

Behold the latest in quirky yet brilliant Chinese handheld consoles. Behold the Solar Powered MP4 Player 2GB - Mobile Power Station. It emulates the NES, the Game Boy and the Game Boy Color, comes complete with an e-book reader, sports 2 Gigas of memory, a built-in microphone, a proper SD-slot and rechargeable li-ion battery, and can easily play your mp3s while displaying your photos. Oh, and it's solar powered too. Lovely.

Find out more about this lovely little gadget here or order yourselves one (or more) here. It only costs 123$!

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  1. How the hell would you play this if the sun ran out of sunlight?

  2. Uhmmm... probably you'd have to milk a camel... Not sure if that would work though...

  3. Well then, let's see those nipples and milk away.

  4. Eco friendly games systems eh? I heartily approve...

  5. Knew you would dear Father...