Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tekken Advance For Gameboy Advance

Well dear readers, as stated in my previous post, I have been checking out my Gameboy collection since my DS screen started to die on me. Having played and rather enjoyed Street FighterII Turbo Revival, I was in the mood for some more Gameboy themed fighting goodness...

Welcome then, to the rather fabulous Tekken Advance. It's the Tekken you know and love, all scaled down and squeezed onto a single Gameboy Advanced cartridge... Made by those good fellows over at Namco, Tekken Advance features a lot (if not all) of your favourite Tekken characters (Law, King, Gunjack, Xiaoyu, Nina, Hwoarang, Paul, Jin and of course, the Soul Calibur crossover favourite, Yoshimitsu!)

One of the first features of the game that strikes you is how faithful the graphics are to the PS1 original, better even, like playing Tekken 3 on Bleem for Dreamcast. For the GBA they are simply stunning! the soundtrack and fighters trademark cries are pretty amazing too. It's perhaps the most impressive GBA port I've seen...

Disappointing, to an extent, is the ease of gameplay. On 'easy mode' its too easy, yet on 'normal mode', it's too hard! Still that's probably just me... this fighter surpasses Street Fighter II TR in my eyes. Even though you know it's not a 3D game, it feels like one... Does that make sense?

I'm still hoping for unlockable content or characters, (beating every fighter allows you to fight Heiachi, but I can't play him as a character yet) none of which are apparent so far, but I live in hope! I'd like to get another cartridge and a link cable for some versus battles with friends... Until I've anything further to report, enjoy the screenshots and links!

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  1. Fantastic post Father! Actually played the thing myself and can't help but agree on how enjoyable it is. As for the looks, well, they speak for themselves.

  2. Great post Father. I'm feeling ashamed for not posting anything here for so much time... Sorry gnome :(

    But don't worry, I have something up my sleeve, I just have to work on it ;)

    About Tekken Advance, it was one of the first games I've played on a GBA! An what a great portable fighter it is... Amazing graphics, solid gameplay, it basically has everything you could ask for.

    By the way, in order to unlock Heihachi you need to beat the game with all characters. Fortunately you can do that in any difficulty, so it shouldn'0t be too hard.

  3. Sorry? You're kidding me... Nothing to be sorry about. Here, 'ave some tea. And cookies. Can't help but be intrigued in the contents of your sleeve though...

  4. I've seen up Nebacha's sleeve and you'd do well to be intrigued, I can tell you!

    Any tea left in the pot? Milk and two sugars please!

  5. Tea and pot. Right. Gimme a sec.