Saturday, March 22, 2008

Video Game Take-Out

This is what I've been keeping up my sleeve! Unfortunately it didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, but hey, we can't have it all, can we? Video Game Take-Out is the creation of Ben Hall, a fellow gamer who one day decided to make videos about hand-held games, with the interesting title of Video Game Take-Out. I first had contact with it through Racketboy's forum and I quickly became a fan of it, thanks to Ben's great voice-work, game footage and the focus on more obscure games we rarely see people talking about, and I decided that it was more than worthy of being posted here on Gnome's Gaming on the Go.

Unfortunately, when I talked with him about it, he told me that I couldn't post the actual videos, due to his relationship with the site that hosts them, but that he would be more than happy if I were to write a post about a particular video and add a link to it, so here it is. Just click the picture above and you'll be taken to the Retroware TV site, where you can watch another great VGTO video, this time about the GBA version of Sega's cult hit Super Monkey Ball.

Hope you'll like it and don't forget to check out the previous episodes.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting my show!
    I hope you guys like it and if you do there's a whole lot more on the site. :)

    hit me up on the Retroware forums if you have any questions or requests. I do my best to answer ever single one.

  2. A fantastic post and an amazing treasure chest you uncovered oh Nebachadnezzar! Both the video game take-out and them Retroware episodes were utterly fantastic. Brilliant. Almost erotic too!

    Oh, and dear v.g. take-out, keep up doing these fantastic videos.

  3. Glad you liked it gnome. It was well worth the wait, wasn't it? :)

  4. I'll second that! fantastic post nebacha!

  5. I'll second that! fantastic post nebacha!

  6. Is there an echo in here? I'll be looking out for Super Monkey Ball GBA... Again, brillant post Nebacha!