Friday, May 02, 2008

Etrian Odyssey (finally) coming to Europe

If it weren't for dear guttertalk I wouldn't have already played Etrian Odyssey to death (though definitely not to completion) and wouldn't be wearing my excited-hat while letting you know that, yes, Etrian Odyssey is finally coming to Europe. RPG fans should be terribly excited, as this is a brilliant hardcore genre offering, that beside offering innumerable hours of gameplay, also lets/forces you sketch your very own maps with the stylus. How very oldschool!

Find out more over at the Etrian Odyssey site and know that the game should be available on June 6. Oh, and Etrian Odyssey II isn't very far away either. It already hit the US you know...

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  1. Is there any explicit sexual content in this game?

  2. Actually, Etrian Odyssey II doesn't release in the U.S. until about June 17. It released in Japan in February, and I've not seen any info for its European release.

    At least the first one is a good long game.

  3. None whatsoever I'm afraid funnyman luv. Unless, that is, you have a pretty strong imagination...

    A very good extra long game I'd say dear guttertalk :) Oh, and thanks for the info...

  4. I don't really want to use my imagination when it comes to sex. I just want the sexual content to be conspicuous.

  5. Fair and wise, fair and wise...

  6. Oh Lord! Are all games considered on their sexual content dear Funnyman?

    How about just considering a game for gamings sake?

    I love your preoccupation for the most part, but the Reverend Guttertalk has pointed on a hand held oddyssey... And all you can think about is cybersex!

    You need a cold shower every once in a while...

  7. At least you make your maps with the stylus and not real pen and paper :P

  8. The ultimate pen and paper simulation... Yes, lovely.