Thursday, May 15, 2008

PSP vs. DS

I thought it was about time I added some content to this esteemed site, even if it was a lazy video post! For me it's no contest, it's the DS hands down. I've tried both and even though I do admire the PSP as a lovely piece of kit, I just can't get into it.

The DS has to be the winner in terms of the range of software, but then there is something very fabulous about being able to watch a movie on your PSP (I own Akira and Kung Fu Hustle for mine...)

I love the quirky and innovative features of the DS, the stylus and the mic, but then the PSP has amazing graphical abilities (check out GTA: Liberty City Stories for example.)

On the other hand, the DS has the backward compatability of being able to play every GBA title out there, which extends it's already huge software range. Then there's the homebrew scene championed by our dear friend Guttertalk... Whilst I'm aware there is one for the PSP, I think I'm right in thinking it's nowhere near as big as the DS scene...

What are your thoughts?


  1. The DS is not exactly my cup of tea. It goes against my code of ethics to own a console or portable console that lacks explicit sexual content.

  2. Uhm... There are some foxy ladies in Phoenix Wright...

    I know you can 'do stuff' in Chains of Olympus and GTA:LCS but can we sum up the two consoles on that one level?

  3. Well, you can watch movies on the DS if you have the homebrew hardware. You can download public domain movies at Moon Book Project (as well as comic books and other things). And there's ripping and converting your own movies. But the PSP is easier.

    I think the DS has more exclusive games, but the PSP appears to be coming into its own in that regard.

    I looked at both long and hard (settle down, funnyman), and I borrowed my brother's PSP. I just didn't see people playing PSPs, and I thought it was a bit heavy, short on battery life, and not as compact as the DS.

    If I were making the decision today, it would be much more difficult, but as long as the games for each interest you, you'd have a good gaming platform either way. I'm too saturated with games to even consider the PSP at this time, though.

    The PSP homebrew scene is pretty active (or at least was), but it has problems thanks to firmware updates. I've seen recommendations to stay at 3.50 or lower to run PSP homebrew.

  4. So lovely having you back here posting and breathing new life into this blog, oh Father... And guttertalk's insightful and -as always- impressive comments... Funnyman's healthy obsession with tits and teats... Awww... bliss...

  5. Funnyman, in the PSP you can only watch or press a button or two, in the DS you can directly rub Jil's tits in Resident Evil with the stylus. Gigidi gigidi...

    If I were to buy a hand-held right now I honestly wouldn't know which way to go. In the past the DS was my favourite, due to its innovative controls and the PSP's blatant lack of good games (ones that weren't watered down versions of PS2 titles, that is).

    Now, however, I only see shovelware on the DS, stupid collections of mini-games and the like, sort of what happens with the Wii, while the PSP is getting some pretty good exclusives, like the recent GoW: Chains of Olympus or FF: Crisis Core, not to mention its media capabilities.

  6. But I enjoy watching Neba. Watching is fun. I remember having sex multiple times in Chains of Olympus, and I saw some nice and juicy breasts in all of its naughty goodness. Those women were completely nude. I doubt there is anything like that on the DS.

  7. Do I have to repeat myself? Rubbing Jil's breasts with the stylus!!! (and watching her face, she gives you a look that makes you feel naugthy for doing it) Can it get more awesome than that???

  8. She actually responds when you start groping her breasts? Why am I just finding out about this now? I wish you could do that in the PSX version of the game. Do you have any pictures of her getting molested?

    What exactly do you mean by "I looked at both long and hard (settle down, funnyman)" Gutter? Why would I be aroused? Is it because you said "long and hard?" Truthfully, I am not interested in that part of the human anatomy.

  9. I agree, Neb: since Phantom Hourglass, no DS game has really captivated me (although Ninja Gaiden has tempted). But then, the summer is going to be slow for most platforms.

    I think Nintendo needs to reinvigorate the DS software side by releasing DSvision. With the PSP picking up sales in Japan and elsewhere, I'm surprised Nintendo doesn't have something planned because the DS hasn't really had anything to draw much gamer attention.

    I make no assumptions about which way people swing, funnyman.

  10. Damn it. Somebody send me some pictures if Jill's breasts already!

  11. But Jill's breasts have already been rubbed (allbeit somewhat guiltily) on this very site funnyman. How did we arrive at this somewhat dubious appraisal of the two handheld consoles? Surely there's more to gaming than virtual sex.. (or in the case of RE:DS virtual molestation)...

  12. I expected you of all people to have a much greater appreciation for sex father. You always make comments about your 90 kids on my blog, so you must really enjoy it.

  13. I definitely agree, it's the DS all the way...

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