Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dreamcast on PSP?

The following article appears over at the excellent Sega Nerds site, a lovely haven for all things Sega. I'll reprint the post in full, but be sure to pop over yourself. Many of the commentors on the post over at Sega Nerds, felt that the video must be a fake. Personally, if it is it's a darn good one! My other thought on that subject is who would be sad enough to spend their time faking something like that? Oh well it takes all sorts I suppose...

Anyway enjoy the article and video, and see what you think! I'll reprint their text in the usual maroon colour, so you don't think I'm trying to pass them off as my own! Here goes:
"Finally an affordable hand held Dreamcast right on your PSP?
[Update: A lot of people think that the video is a fake. In all honesty I’m not sure - it certainly had me convinced. Hopefully the guy will put up some more videos, and I shall try to do some digging in the mean time. If it’s a fake then I shall hold up my hands and say “Yeah you got me, well done.” But if it’s real then… “Woohoo!”]
We’ve seen a few hand held Dreamcasts being made over the last few years, one we reported
on quite recently.
The biggest problems with these hand helds is that you either need to be a technical/electronics wizard, or have a healthy cash flow - and buy it off those that are wizards. But it seems now you won’t need to possess much more than the Internet (which, if you are reading this, you must have already), and a PSP!
I knew that the emulation and homebrew scene has been steadily growing over the past few years, but this is the first time I have actually seen a PSP running Dreamcast games. And to be honest, I’m pretty damn excited by the concept! As you can clearly see, the video shows the PSP running Sonic Adventure 2, and it looks pretty much perfect in game play.
Unfortunately I’m not totally sure on all the information here. All that I can really tell you is that it is running on the “AutoBrew” emulation software - which supports several retro consoles, including; Ps1, N64 and (of course) Dreamcast.
Hopefully we can find some more information on this for you guys soon."

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