Monday, July 07, 2008

Ninja Gaiden DS

I've just got this lovely game, as well as International Track And Field for my DS. The funny thing is it's on some device like the "Games 'N' music" thingy, I bought some time back.

I bought it off one of Ginger Ninja (middle son Marty's) friends for twenty quid (£20).

Apparently it lets you rip current games off the internet, as well as view full movies on your DS.

I'd like to tell you more or even be able to name the device. But I have no clue! All I know is this is my latest DS distraction... Enjoy the vid!


  1. Those must be the most impressive graphics I've ever seen on the DS. Quite frankly amazing, though we all know that Ninja Gaiden on the Lynx simply cannot be surpassed.

  2. Ninja Gaiden DS is a game I had been looking forward to for a while, but the very short game play made me less inclined to get it, at least brand new. It's on my Goozex want list, but it will be a while before I get it. I was surprised that it had no multiplayer.

    I'm glad you're liking it. Anno 1701 and Phantom Hourglass are still consuming my DS time.

  3. Why thank you dear Gnome! It is a great game. Never played the Lynx version however. I've just used my Game Gear for two days at school camp so I could watch Big Brother. Sad but true...

    I lost my Phantom Hourglass cartridge some time back dear Gutter.

    I wish I could tell you what the device is that I have it stored on.

    It's exactly the same sort of thing as the Games 'N' Music thing.

    It is a slightly bigger than normal DS cartridge, into which you slide a very tiny cartridge that can also be slipped into a USB to rip stuff (I would imagine very illegally off the internet.

  4. Are there any big breasted women in this game like NInja Gaiden Sigma and Ninja Gaiden 2?

  5. This looks pretty good and I might pick it up once I've stopped being poor.

    I see they've removed the gore for the DS version though.

  6. Looks damn fine to me..

    No time for the DS tho- I hardly can get time with my consoles any more.... :/

  7. Same thing here I'm afraid...