Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lovely Sony PSP price drop

Finally! According to Joystiq (but also confirmed by PTDmag), the almost successful Sony PSP will start selling for 169$, if not worldwide, at least at Gamestop and EB Games. Obviously the world will soon follow and a 30$ price drop is always good news. Apparently the whole thing has to do with a partly redistribution of surplus value in favor of working class gamers, but guess I 'll spare you the details.

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  1. I've debated getting a PSP for a long while, but I settled on a DS for a host of reasons. This price drop is enough to make me reconsider, even though I'm been tempted to get another DS for my son. (I wish there were more LAN-play and download-to-play games that appealed to us on the DS.)

    I wonder how many folks like me try to consider a gaming platform not just for themselves but for their family? DS-LAN play is one, clearly. Then there's a Wii (whose rarity is causing me to reconsider it), and there's even the online play of the PS3 and 360.

    Those reasons mkae my flirtation with a PSP after the price drop just that. (But, man, the homebrew scene on the PSP and some of the games make it dang appealing.)

  2. Well the PSP is definitely appealing, but still on the expensive side of things, as is the DS Lite. On the other hand it does feature some excellent games, even though homebrew has to be slightly illegal etc.

    As for the Wii, especially for a family man, well guess it's worth the wait. After all it cant be rare for very much longer.

  3. This price drop still won't convince me to shell out the cash for a PSP, but at least they're trying something to pick up the lackluster sales (when compared to the DS) of the PSP. Will it work? Probably not. But if you've waited to get a PSP there's no better time than now to get one...

  4. Sure agree with you ross...

  5. Just to clarify, by homebrew, I mean games and apps that are pirated software but are created from scratch. That's what I'm looking at.

    But to be honest, after working to get email, address book, etc. homebrew apps to work on the DS, i almost never use them, so I'm dubious about how much I would use the non-gaming functions and abilities of the PSP.

    But if I look at the all-time highest scores for psp games at, I don't see a single game that I'm really interested in playing. I played Untold Legends on my brother's PSP for about an hour, and I saw nothing that gripped me. Games that do look appealing, I can get on other platforms, namely the ps2. so, what's the point?

    The PSP is still more about potential than delivered content [though the downloadable content--far more substantative than the DS's--and the likely integration with Sony's Game 3.0 have pulled the potential closer to reality], which contrasts with the DS, where the games only for the DS got me wanting one [which I got as a gift].

  6. AHHH. I meant "games and apps that are not pirated software."

    So much for clarifying at 1 AM.

  7. Well, it was clear all along dear guttertalk, so, thankfully, I had everything clearly clear before the latest clarification.

    Now, as for the legality of homebrew, I'm pretty sure they are not illegal, but obviously against Sony's will. You wouldn't be needing Dark Alex otherwise...

    Got to agree with the DS games, though I've played only a few and apparently not the best. Still might trade the DS for a Lite thingy. Oh, and PSP games that make me think of getting one are mainly Pirates! (you know, by Sid Meier) and Football Manager, which are quite perfect for short gaming bursts.

  8. Wow! I like the cut of Guttertalk's gib! A simple solution that I have arrived at by accident is to give PSPs to the kids and keep a DS for yourself. Works perfectly for me. Whilst remaining fiercely loyal to the DS, I can sneakily enjoy a bit of PSP action when I feel like! (Powerstone Collection, Virtua Tennis and Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection)
    This set up works really well for me... LOL!

  9. Always the wise good old father, but the strategy only works when you have kids. Damn!