Monday, April 16, 2007

Master System Monday # 5:

A typical Master System enthusiast!

Well after two glorious weeks off work, its back to the grindstone for poor old me. (Bah!)

However, I've always got posting on this hallowed forum to look forward to and keep me going (Hurrah!)

As such I will continue on my quest to keep the Master System alive and well in our hearts.

I must confess that I haven't played anything new on the MS/Game Gear for a couple of weeks, so this week's offering owes more to web browsing than personal experience, DOH!

Awesome 3D glasses dude!

However, I have discovered a rather wonderful resource for all Master System fans. Let me introduce you to which I found this very day! Everything you ever wanted to know about the Master System but were afraid to ask! It's where I found the excellent pics that illustrate this post and there is so much more to discover...

I will endeavour to play some more and give up my personal reviews of those lovely 8 bit classic games. If you can't wait for that, have a look at this review of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker that I posted some time ago over at another one of mine and Gnome's collaborative efforts The Saturn Junkyard!

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  1. Brilliant find - amazing all-80s pics!

  2. Thank you Gnome!

    You get a prize bonus points for naming the game he's playing...

  3. Top game is After Burner, the other one... can't tell...