Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Master System Monday #4: The Brazilian Connection.

You might wonder why Gnome has allowed me to indulge my Master System obsession on his [gnome edit: ours] wonderful site devoted to hand held gaming. The tenuous connection comes from the fact that Master System games can be played on Sega's wonderful hand held system the Gamegear. (Look here.) I've already discovered that The Master System/Gamegear lives on as The Play Pal in 2007.

However, I didn't know that the Master System was alive and well, in fact thriving in Brazil, courtesy of The Tec Toy corporation. The picture above is of a rather beautiful pink wireless incarnation of the Master System. Tec Toy, like Sony and Nintendo, have realised that in order to attract women and girls into the world of gaming, they would have to rethink their marketing strategies. Thus they made some of their consoles pink. Genius.

In case you're wondering, the reason the Master System, Megadrive and other 'dead' consoles are still flourishing in Brazil, its due to the high taxation that gamers have to pay on purchase of consoles. The newer the consoles, the higher the tax. Thus a Wii would set back a Brazilian gamer £1000!!!! So, in order to be able to play videogames without bankrupting themselves, Brazilian gamers have continued to play 'older' systems. Enforced Retro-gaming due to economic necessity. A system of which I thoroughly approve.... Genius!

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  1. Actually, here in Brazil we have two choice:

    1)Play older video-games(It is common a 10-years-old kid get a NES-clone today)

    2)Buy new consoles ilegaly without taxes from countries like Paraguay or China, for example.

    Theres is no other way, because neither Sony or Nintendo sells they consoles here. And, as you said, the importation taxes are astronomic.

  2. Brilliant and very enlightning post Father! Keep 'em SMS Momdays coming...

    Wow, Bueno, that's pretty bad situation mate. Damn!

  3. Thank you Gnome! I will indeed!

    Hey Bueno thanks for the confirmation that what I wrote is correct. Hope the situation changes for the better!

  4. Ah, lovely then. I'll bring the tea and we can freely (and quietly) celebrate.

  5. I wonder if they can get Dreamcasts to sell there? That would be cool.

    See here in the US all the older people are playing NES clones.

    And check out the coin slot on Pink...nice.