Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sonic Rush DS - Review & Screenshots!

Scoring a whopping 9/10 over at IGN, Sonic Rush has been hailed as a return to form for our favourite blue amphetamine fuelled rodent. Utilising both the top and bottom screens of the DS (simultaneously for a big view), the action takes place at high speed within the familiar 2D realm, as Sonic's original and most appreciated games classically have.

I've played this one and it's a good'un. Like all side scrolling platformers, there is a need to put in some serious repetitive gameplay. Getting all the way through a level only to 'feck up' just before the end can be frustrating, and as of yet I've not found out a way to increase the credit/continue situation at the start of each game.

Fortunately there is an autosave feature that kicks in if you manage to complete a level!

For the full IGN review, player reviews, cheats, more screen shots and some nice video look here...

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