Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My Secret Hideout Released

Yes, it's the interactive text toy I've already mentioned and you can now grab it for your iPad and/or iPad 2 (not surprisingly) via the App Store. It's another Andrew Plotkin creation and it simply has to be excellent, you know.


  1. brilliant, they've reset all my pasted leafs...:(

    oh well, just have to start all over again...

  2. You are of course talking about textual leafs, aren't you?

  3. wait now, you said.... so i've been pasting real leaves... well don't look at me like that, it's not like you provided the game manual to me... okay maybe I should lie down now.. :(

    (lies down...)

    You know it's not easy be senile... :(

  4. Of course not dear. Here, let me boil those leafs.

    (boils iPad)

  5. kay I'll get some chicken bones and herbs... might as well make a decent soup while we're at it.., very versatile those ipads