Sunday, September 18, 2011

R-Type for Android

We retro gamers have been so lucky recently, I can't help but believe there must be quite few of us sporting smart-phones, as classic games do tend to show up in droves. The latest offering? Why, it's the excellent 80s scrolling shoot-'em-up R-Type by irem of course, which has just been released for Android phones, and has been further optimized for the Xperia Play, while also been given two difficulty levels. You can grab it over at the Android Market and make merry. Oh, and here's the trailer:


  1. (heads off to make popcorn...)

  2. (chops a cucumber into thin and perfectly round slices)

  3. (melts chees coated nachos under the grill)

  4. (orders a couple of burgers)

  5. (cancels gnome'sburger order...walks in prime Irish cow....shoves her through mincer.. prepares burger patties.....)


  6. Mmmmmm. Irish cooooooooows. Yeeeeeees.

    Must be the grass e?

    We don't have proper grass. But this grass... MMM. Delicious.

  7. yes some of the best eating grass in the World...

    (inhales deeply....) @) wow!!!

    Maybe we should plant some of this instead

    (holds onto cooker as kitchen spins...)

  8. Indeed. And grass has now been legalised over here too. Apparently our beloved and benevolent government would rather have us stoned...

  9. 8) well it does numb the pain, what clever thinking politicians you've got... Can I hug them?

  10. Sure. The stronger the better. If you achieve asphyxiation I'll buy you a huge beer.

  11. lol... indeed the thought had crossed my mind, but then who would save our respective countries? watching a CNN broadcast the other night which throght the use of a bar graph put the amount of debt into context for me

    Ireland's bearly visible, Greece like a packet of cigarettes side on and Italy... towering like a skyscrapper... so why the hell are we suffering?

  12. I'm pretty sure actual debt doesn't enter the equation. And -I'm being totally serious here- we are living the end of times as Zizek put it. Things will definitely radically change; for better or worse, but the current global modus operandi simply can't go on.

  13. :( please tell me there's a plan B

    ..there isn't is there!

    (stands on the precipice with gnome...)

    remind me never to trust anyone in a suit again, you know we could always try that Gnomarchy thingy...

  14. Indeed. It's the time for Gnomarchy. Maybe the species last chance. Oh, and whatever you do never read up on the pre-WWI economics and "globalisation" rhetoric... You wont be sleeping for quite some time I can guarantee...

  15. you have scared me..

    (stares into the precipice....)

    hey it's not that bad, they got soup kitchens and poor houses down there...

    :( if we survive the fall that is....

  16. It will be a tricky one it seems. I mean -without exaggeration- it's every week a friend loses his/her job. Pretty shitty fall this one and I will be happy if we (and I do mean mankind) manage to avoid a big war.

  17. in a citizens rights centre, each month our queries increase, 16,000 last month alone,

    5 day to 3 day job losses, the 10% to 20% pay cuts, sole traders employers with no money to pay redundancies, sole traders that haven't worked in months, real poverty, grown men crying on phone to me... what's happening is nothing other than massive human rights abuse,

    media don't cover it, people too embarassed with their lot to slam the politicians.. and politicians too happy with their lot to shake up the party...

    but war? now you are spooking me!

  18. The media... Bah! Bloody bastards and the voice of their anti-human bosses. They deserve to be shot right after the bankers and the politicians that serve them.

    And this is incredibly demoralising. And so incredibly violent against the people. The suicides are rising here incredibly fast as is homelessness, but at least the politicians (not from the Left that is) do not dare walk the streets. Or show themselves in public anywhere.

    As for war, well, history has shown us that all major capitalist crises are overcome via war and the massive destruction of capital and surplus population. This particular crisis is the deepest the system ever had to face... What do you think would happen if the US decided they cannot pay their debt to China?

    Only hope is to change things before we get utterly wiped out. And I do believe that Ireland, Spain and Greece (and to a certain extent Italy) can be places where this can start. The revolutionary tradition runs strong and its myth does live on.

  19. yep now I see the logic, and history has a wonderful habit of repeating itself, despite our leaders flying in the face of such warnings. Us couldn't pay the Chinese anyway, both nations know it, but they continue with the charade....

    I've become so skeptical, nearly 12 years in my job, seeing the same cycle repeat itself time and time again. Trying to empower people to create substantial reform by demanding better from our elected Government is an uphill battle...

    But I do agree, revolution and desire to be treated as humans runs is in our blood, we are irate here, furious with our political representatives, but that anger needs to be channelled and no one has stood out or up to direct that momentum... our major national sign of outrage is a daily radio show... soul destroying...

  20. Still, a radio show can work wonders and I do believe that new ideas, leaders, organizations and movement type will emerge from this whole thing. It's funny, but every time I think the people have accepted our fate they immediately rise up in some way. And they are more organized and determined than before.

    And things in China can't remain that calm for much longer... History has hit the road and nobody can say where she'll end up.

    I'd say I do at times feel optimistic... Really.

    Oh, and empowering people is absolutely crucial. People have to understand they deserve much better...

  21. Indeed agree totally empowerment is essential, just wish they'd connect the dots a little better. My cynicism is a serious barrier to seeing the positive side, but had you asked me two weeks ago, could i have imagined 700 peaceful protesters being arrested in Times Square I would not have beleived it.

    Working comfortably to pension age is a very boring prospect, far more exciting living through social change. Interestingly two national "groups" have formed here, problem is they align themselves on opposite ends of the political spectrum, still a significant development for Ireland, even if they are a little too quiet for my liking...

    November/December here sees a new budget, 3.5 billion euro of savings have to be made.. :) might well be the straw that broke the camel's back..

    (crosses fingers...rings vet)

  22. Thankfully, we have managed to mostly contain the fascists over here despite all their governmental backing. And people are slowly getting more radical. The indignados movement help politicize even (parts of) the most politically backwards masses and the constant and devastating new measures are leaving less options every day.

    I frankly do not believe that my generation will make it to pension. There are thousands only a year or two away from it, that can't pay their final two years and reach it...

    Oh, and that NY thing is pretty amazing. Not as radical or popular as one might had hoped (say Cairo-like), but definitely a breath of fresh air...

    I'm sure the Irish people will rise up. It's unavoidable really. Sometimes one has to wait for the first shock to fade.

    Oh, and there's a big demonstration scheduled in Athens tomorrow. See how that goes...

  23. ..well I witnessed the strike, and than heavens for twitter and your tweets, western coverage was tame. Even though it's not my country I was horrified, surely the police are facing cuts as well? what manner of thugs are they? the woman reporter, the stone throwing, spitting, the beatings...

    problem is I could imagine the same easily happening here... just a change of uniform.. how proud their mother must be of them....

  24. they most likely don't have fathers

  25. The police and the judges are the only groups not facing cuts... Makes one wonder doesn't it? Oh, and the slogan going on about the cops not being the workers' children, but the bosses dogs seem to be catching on quite a bit. And something about the dictatorships not having died in 1973.

    Besides our dear piggies are more than thugs. Many of them are politically organized neo-nazis...

    As for their parents... well, I could only say very nasty things. Same for their wives.

    Oh, and I firmly believe that the police are the same worldwide. You should really see the German riot pigs. They are the new SS, they are.

  26. ...I need to get out more, but sounds like there's a global training program for uniformed thugs, clever though not cutting the establishment's wages,

    Over here police and army pensions have been decimated, morale is reportedly low and the Government were so borne along with their slash all policy they walked themselves into calling a referendum into whether judges salaries should be lowered or not.... perhaps one of the few referendum I shall relish voting in :)

    a costly exercise, most likely negating any savings to the state over the next 5 years, yeah we're a bit slow here...

  27. I'm convinced it's only a matter of time... As Tracey Chapman once put it, the sound of the revolution is a whisper...

    And how I wish judges and cops got wage cuts. Everyone would feel so much better; mind you, the hatred towards the police has been rising since 2008 and is now unbelievable and unbelievably whidespread.

    Interestingly the army is getting wage cuts and people will be fired... Not that I care for these bastards either. They seemed over-eager to fuck us when we were serving. Oh well...

    Let's remain optimistic and avoid being petty.

  28. Indeed, the bstrds won't get us get us down!