Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aquaria coming to iPad

Aquaria, the indie, aquatic take on Metroid, is one of the most beautiful indie games ever released, and judging by the competition this really is quite a feat. It has won numerous prizes, wowed thousands of gamers, impressed more than a few non-gamers, created a vibrant community around it and made PC gamers very happy indeed. Well, and that's the good news, the time has come for Aquaria to get its much deserved iPad port. Semi Secret are handling it and will be releasing the game sometime this winter. Oh, and though you could check the PC demo out, this teaser video should be teasing enough:


  1. oh man, oh man.. I'm dreamin...

    someone pinch me...

  2. (pinches Elderly)

    (nothing happens)

    Hold on...

    (presses the purple button and the P.I.N.C.H.E.R. Mark III bot enters the room)

  3. 8(

    Gnome? why is the robot blinking at me? please stop him blinking, it's creepy..

    Gnome? why is the robot extending his pincer arm towards me

    OUchhHHH!!!! what he'd go that for?

    (elderly rubs his leg.....)


    (elderly kicks the robot's metal frame...breaks a toe...)

    ooooooowwwwwwwwwww uchhhhh!

  4. At least you git pinched. It's what you wanted after all and Pincher here (pets bot) is top of the line. I can't see why you had to kick the poor thing. And you've broken your toe too... OOOooooph.

  5. ..okay yes, your right...I did ask to be pinched, but I didn't mean it literally..

    (rubs numbed and throbbing leg...takes off shoes to examine broken toe)

    okay I apologise to the Pincher, suppose he doesn't know how to reset a big toe bone?

  6. Of course he does. He's a Mark III.

    This will hurt a bit, but in the end all will be wonderful!

  7. hurt!? no it's okay, I'll wait til i see my...




    :( bloody hell! dosen't hang about does he..?

  8. Oh no. But you do feel much better now. I know.

    (turns off the bot)

  9. .. well yes, but... it was scary there for a while... :(

    Mark III huh, impressive, cordomic array clusters or orphonic? haven't seen one of these, since..the C-beams off the Tannhauser Gate

    you remember don't you?

  10. Blog Narrator10/07/2011 2:35 AM

    OH oh he's having a turn....!!


  11. (ignores narrator and fails to untie the nurse)

    It's orphonic. They seem to operate perfectly whem combined with a flux-capacitator and Wagner. And I do believed I used a bit of Oniegin too.

  12. ..Oniegin? your kidding me!!

    why the only way you could possibly have gotte.... killed an Oni?

  13. Blog Narrator10/08/2011 1:47 AM

    ...I'm going to count to ten, then when I wake up all this will just a bad dream

    1, 2, 3,......

  14. (ignores Narrator)

    No, I just trapped an Oni, without knowing what an Oni is in order to come up with, uhm, know what?

    There's a chance the Narrator has a point...

  15. Why this is historic, epic even! And your so humble about, why I'm ringing Interstellar Geographic, Gnome this could win you the Creatorian Horboriar!! And you survived the tingemalefactus, but your face looks unblemished!? Not a exit postulant crater anywhere, you sure it was an Oni?

  16. Blog Narrator10/10/2011 5:41 AM


    :( oh no!


  17. I think it was an Oni.

    Count-down is over?



  18. Gnome!?....

    (covered in Gnome bits, elderly rushes to the spot where he last saw Gnome....)

    ...oh dear heavens... he never knew.. the tingemalefactus


  19. Blog Narrator10/12/2011 3:15 AM

    can we please end this torture... please!!!


  20. (materializes once again and smile)


    (promptly gets back to being bots on the floor)

  21. Blog Narrator10/13/2011 12:39 AM

    Thank you! :)