Thursday, September 08, 2011

The King of Shreds and Patches (Kindle)

Well, the first proper piece of interactive fiction has arrived on the Amazon Kindle and it's none other than Jimmy Maher's The King of Shreds and Patches. And, yes, when I say proper, I do mean proper, as in featuring a fully working parser and a deep, interactive storyline. You can find out more about it over at the Digital Antiquarian and grab a copy over at As for me, I will be waiting for Amazon to release the thing for Europe too.... Here's something to further enlighten you on this lovely new game:

When you receive a note from your old acquaintance John Croft, you expect nothing but an evening of good food and drink and tall tales. Instead, you quickly find yourself plunged into a conspiracy of black magic that involves not only Croft but some of the most powerful and important men in London – and possibly even someone else, someone much closer to your own heart.  
The King of Shreds and Patches is truly an interactive novel. Set in a meticulously recreated Elizabethan London, its story and writing can stand proudly beside conventional mysteries and historical thrillers in both length and quality, with one crucial difference: YOU play the protagonist.  
A brand new approach to interactive fiction on the Kindle, this experience is deeper and richer than anything you have seen before. Rather than choosing from a few limited options, you will use a natural-language parser to choose from a universe of possibility every step of the way. Simply tell the story what you want to do using simple English, and it will respond with rich prose of its own.  
In the process of playing, you will write your very own novel; no two players will have the same experience. And after you have finished your adventure, a process that will likely absorb many hours, your story will remain on your Kindle, to reread and share and compare with others.  
Lovers of historical fiction, mysteries, or horror can now experience a story from the inside, while fans of puzzles and adventure games will also find much to enjoy here. Will you be able to thwart the darkness that threatens London?


  1. homage where homage is due...

    (bows in reverence)

  2. (bows along Elderly)

    And, uhm, I do hope we are not paying homage to Amazon for handicapping the euro-Kindle, are we?

  3. (still in bowing mode...)

    no just not going to buy one til they sort it out... that'll teach em.

  4. Surely. Then again it really does do reading exceptionally well, mind.

  5. I know i've seen one at work, gorgeoussnesss....

    wait... reading? you have time for reading?

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  6. Oh yes. A lot of reading. And publishing too. Yes, yes, the crisis does weird things to people and gnomes.

  7. You sure there's only one of you?

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    no it's you! (scratches head..) don't know how you do it all, even with some spare time.

  8. Not having a proper job does indeed help I'm afraid; it's a survival tactic.

  9. that I can well understand... with 455,000 of my fellow countrymen without a proper job, living in 5th most expensive country in the EU, thank heavens we've got a meagre state payment at least, but even that is coming under threat from our new leaders the IMF. Now I best make us a nice cup of tea before my blood begins to simmer...

    ...though admitedly bi-location would be a neat trick..

  10. Well, at least it does sound joyously dirty...

    Other than that we've almost reached a million unemployed and only last week two more friends lost their jobs.

    Feck it, really.

  11. yep feck it! and now this evening our blessed fuhrer

    (bows to portrait of Christine Lagarde)

    reminding our politicians to "decisively address the economic problems"

    Wonder if we'll have to buy our own batons, riot gear and water canons or will the IMF supply them?

  12. Oh no, it will simply have you buy them. Each colony has to pay to subdue its unruly citizens. Frankly though it seems that the lucky few who are working only do so to pay the troika and they can't even make it. Bah and thrice bah!

    Socialist monarchy is the only feasible solution I tells you. I'll make sure everyone has a great time. Well, not former capitalists and cops of course, but all the humans.

  13. Still can't get my head around a Socialist Monarchy, though i must admit tempting to see those ideastsilatipac and spoc having a har.... ?

    ....ideastsilatipac and spoc

    Gnome quick...HACKER!!!!

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    (presses red button)


    You're fast in noticing such things. Hmmm, would you like to be the royal commisar of benevolent security in a socialist manner?

  15. Me...?

    (embarassed and overawed at such an offer, the elderly quickly forgets his reservations about a Socialist Monarchy)

    ..why thank you Gnome, I'd love to :)

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