Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Early 20th Century Cthulhu invading phones

Gnomes come in a variety of colours and this is one of life's happy little touches, as the dear Blue Gnome brilliantly showcased by sharing a lovely link to a forthcoming Cthulhu game (mainly/for now) for the iPhone. It goes under the promising title of Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land and will apparently be a RPG/turn-based strategy hybrid set sometime during the Great War. Besides sporting a name that subtly references the classic C64 Wasteland, the game will apparently be based on Chasium's Call of Cthulhu pen and paper RPG, which is nothing short of brilliant, as CoC is indeed my all time favourite RPG and one of the few games that manage to successfully evoke the atmosphere of Lovecraft's literary work. 

The Wasted Land will be a single player affair for the Android and iPhone platforms that will hopefully be soon released by Red Wasp Design. Oh, and you'll get to control both investigators (hooray!) and soldiers in what does look like an incredibly promising Lovecraftian and quite a bit undead take on the X-COM formula, with some interesting 3D graphics. Here are some early -possibly alpha- screenshots and a video:


  1. Heresy, there's only one Gnome, where's he at this blue Gnome, can't be having that, heresy I say... nothing short of...

    (plays trailer...)

    ...oh dear, another Gnome with a graybox....

  2. Yes, apparently I've started believing it's some sort of racial trait. Something like a built-in google search +1 or something. Then again there could be millions of gnomes hiding under a few nicks...

  3. nah! I've been around, not that many gnomes with such talent, has to be related to you... could check he's dna if you could hold him down?!

  4. Just a sec..

    (checks international law library..)

    ...nope, not even a mention of Gnomes.. I'd say we're safe..

    (hands Gnome a balaclava..)

    just in case...

  5. Horray!

    One more question though; is a balaclava the proper tool for DNA tests?

  6. ..erm ?

    (looks at balaclava...)

    spose we should sterilise them first

    (puts balaclavai in gnome's hand held microwave)

    Won't be a mo..:)

  7. Let me wear my proper DNA extraction suit first and we'll begin.

    Then again you are the expert in latin-oid conjugation so I guess you should do the honours. Want a DNA-extracting suit dear?

  8. a DNA-extracting suit? for me?

    :) I think I'm going to cry, sniff!

    never had my very own DNA-extracting suit

    Thank you Gnome (hugs gnome...)

    Right then where's this Blue Gnome at..?

  9. (smiles back)

    Now, dear blue gnome, uhm, where are you?

    Awww, the little fellow seems to have escaped...


    (let's the dogs out)

  10. And nasty ones at that too!

  11. ...pooodles? as sniffing dogs.. the Blue Gnome is going to laugh himself unconcious when he sees us......


    You genius!!!!

  12. You humble me sir, but you're right. I'm a bloody genius. Now, I wont the money that comes with it.