Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another World iOS released

Retro and, well, contemporary iOS gamers have finally gained access to the best version of a truly classic game ever released, as Another World - 20th Anniversary has just hit the App Store. It's the same 16-bit adventure we all loved to bits, taking place on the same brilliantly alien setting, sporting the same excellent characters, buddy mechanics and story, only this time with vastly updated graphics and some of the best touch-screen controls ever. And for a mere $5 you'll be getting both the iPad and iPhone versions too.

What's more, Eric Chaci, the legendary game designer that crafted the original and actively worked on this port/remake thing, has made sure that you can switch between them old and new graphics, play the thing on three difficulty settings and five different languages, and even show off on Game Center. All that, while enjoying a remastered soundtrack and looking at something like this:


  1. yep it's right here.... bet it'll cost a fortune though.....



  2. Yeeeeeeep. Pretty impressive prices them iOS ones.

  3. ..and they got text adventures...

    (hugs Gnome...)

    I promise I'll come and visit..

    (heads off like a child lost in reverie..)

  4. Blog Narrator9/24/2011 6:44 PM

    He was bearable before, if we don't do something he's going to be unbearable...

    perhaps we could lock the front door?

  5. YES!

    (locks door)

    (adds an extra padlock for extra security)

    Elderly dear, we have to discuss some things...

  6. Blog Narrator9/26/2011 4:48 PM

    am Gnome.. he's "outside" the door...

  7. Feeeeck....

    (unlocks door)

    (removes padlock)

    (wears underwear)



  8. ...just a tick gnome,
    gotta finish this mahjong level and i'll be..
    oho and check my tweets and i'l...
    of course my email.. and then I'll be wi...
    once I've watched the rented movie...

  9. Blog Narrator9/28/2011 10:22 PM

    ..grrrrrr I'll swing for him, here Elderly pressi for ya....

  10. (....the flying samurai sword narrowly misses it's intended target and embeds itself harmlessly above elderly's head...)

  11. Blog Narrator9/28/2011 10:25 PM

    ..Gnome, hand me that meat cleaver please...

  12. (Stops documenting the erratic behaviour of Elderly and the Narrator and brings the cleaver)

    Would you dears wait though a bit? I'll have to set the camera up.

  13. huh? documentary... yep love em documentaries,

    Gnome? the Blog Narrator dosen't look very well, all red faced and bulgy eyes, wonder if he's getting enough air?

  14. Hmmm...

    You could be right.

    Guess this calls for immediate action. I'll organize a committee and look into it.

  15. ..excellent! nothing like immediate action, strike while the irons hot, none of those boring and costly tribunals of inquiry,

    ...but erm.. the foaming at the mouth and the bulging eyes, perhaps we should contact health services? he does look rather irate to be honest... must be the heat in there...

  16. Right.

    I suggest we start by voting on opening the window. First the statements.

    Everybody agreeing with the procedure say AYE.


  17. you turned off my mike.. there's noting wrong with the air in here it's that old geezer.. .grrrrr hello can you hear me!?


  18. darn, technology fails me again.. (kick new keyboard)

  19. (summons mike)

    (Mike is confused)

    (summons not-this-kind-of-mike)

    Waiting for Ayes...

  20. ...(mike passes...)

    ..see ya..

    who's he?

  21. Blog Narrator10/07/2011 2:43 AM

    ...hello HR?

    bring a key.. got locked in here again.. yep it's the two boyos.. i've spoken to the supervisor, the union and my transfer has been refused three times.... yeah well hurry up...

  22. Damn! I've forgotten who Ayes is and the HR department got all confused and sacked themselves. What a PR disaster for HQ...