Monday, September 12, 2011

Classic Mac Emulator for the DS

It's been out for quite some time now and I still haven't tried it, but, as I just discovered it, I simply had to post about the highly intriguing Mini VMac. It seems after all like an excellent piece of software for people that just need to emulate their classic Macs on the go and have their DS play some lovely black and white games. Yes, it's a Mac emulator for the Nintendo DS. You can download Mini VMac DS here; it wont cost you a thing. Oh, and don't forget to give the lovely Dark Castle a try...


  1. I need to sit down, a mac on a DS... getting that future shock feeling....

  2. There, there. Let me bring you an Xbox. You'll feel much better. And perkier too.

  3. will I? you promise?

    I've played only 3 hours of xbox in the last week,

    maybe it's time to buy me a 3DS, iphone prices are still obscene here..

  4. Ah, but -besides being a phone and sporting a decent camera- there's nothing the iPhone does that the much cheaper iPhone Touch doesn't. And the 3DS still looks kinda meh...

    So, yes, a Xbox then.

  5. (sits in front of xbox, controller in hand...)

    but I'd really much rather play with a handheld.... I could game during my lunchour...


    why have you handcuffed me to the armchair?

  6. I didn't. Frida did.

    Must have escaped again. Anyway, here, have this Atari Lynx till I get back.

  7. :) Frida that little minx..

    ..thanks Gnome, old buddy ol pal... :)

    must head to bathroom first...


    erm Gnome I think we have a problem

    Gnome, GNOme....?


  8. What, what, I saw nothing.

    But, frankly, how did you manage to tie yourself up so quickly? And what's that apple doing in your mouth. Above all, what happened to the Lynx.

    (removes apple)

  9. I dunno.. I walked in here all nice and airy.. and then wham! before you could say


    I ended up like this!?? and the Lynx was

    (slow building orchestral crescendo rises..)


    (and reaches climax....)

  10. Right. But, uhm, climaxing in or around this blog isn't exactly encouraged you see. More or less prohibited really. We had to have the cleaning person go you see, so, uhm, please?

  11. ..wait now that wasn't me!!

    :( it was him

    (pointing at the blog narrator...8(!!)

  12. Blog Narrator9/18/2011 5:24 PM

    Wait now Gnome, your not pinning this on me, I was merely using the word to describe the building tension surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the Lynx.... the transcript yourself...