Thursday, September 08, 2011

Machinarium released on iPad!

People that want to show off just how shiny their iPad 2 screen is, adventure gamers, indie lovers and everyone that enjoys an excellent gaming experience should immediately hurry and grab the amazing iPad version of Machinarium over at the App Store. It is, you see, the same beautiful, taxing, point-and-click adventure that wowed the computer gaming crowds with its stunning visuals, excellent soundtrack, deep puzzles and rich setting. As for me, and after watching the thing run on a friends iPad, well, I have already started saving up to grab one of Apple's tablets...


  1. (enters eating cheeseburger....) how they fit all that in there then?

    (puts on darkglasses to protect his eyes from shiny screen...)


  2. Either that or magic.

    And, please, do stop burger-juicing that shiny iPad 2 the thieve's guild has provided us with.

  3. (rubs food detritis from Ipad2...)

    sory bout that, don't want to upset the thieves guild...

    8( alright who stole my burger?

  4. The assassins guild surely. I wouldn't bother them mind...

  5. 8( cripes I had forgotten bout them!!!
    The blogosphere is a dangerous place,

    keep the burger lads... no worries.. wasn't enjoying it anyway...

    (tummy grumbles...heads to Gnome's fridge)

  6. If anything mover in there please do at least stun it. Just no shooting inside the fridge. Thank you wise Elderly.

  7. ...this finely crafted machine is safe in my hands Gnome, don't you worry...

    (opens fridge .....door handle breaks off in his hand..)


  8. I warned you.

    (calls Frida)

    (Frida is big)

    (and a dominatrix)


  9. :(

    (offers fridge door handle to Frida...)


    I was going to get you flowers, but Gnome said you had an IQ of 2 and wouldn't appreciate them!

  10. (gnome returns swiftly ties Frida up and returns her to her cell)

    A lesson well taught this one then.

    Oh, and thanks for the handle!

  11. phew! that was close... fortunate you had spare detention cells... (waves to Frida...)

    turns to open fridge door..

    am Gnome?