Friday, September 09, 2011

The Renegade 3DS

Actually, make that Renegade 3DS and you'll be closer to the joyful truth that retro arcade brawler Renegade will be getting a remake for the Nintendo 3DS. New graphics, the addition of simple RPG-like mechanics, multiplayer modes and a few extra touches should make this a most intriguing offering, though not as intriguing as a proper Target; Renegade remake would be. Find out more about it over at Tiny Cartridge


  1. (..runs in carrying white shirt...)

    Wher'd he go?

    Why the game got kanji script?

    (spots gray box...)

  2. (dusts gray box, waters plants, ponders how many days it takes for weddings in Gnomeland)

  3. (resurfaces)

    People have to stop getting married. My liver can't take it. Please. I'm not what I used to be.

    Thanks for not watering the gray box Elderly dear. Deeply appreciate it.

  4. :) least I can do, would never dream of damaging your graybox, had considered borr... erm polishing it though.

    Good to see you.. relatively healthy...

  5. Yes, relatively. Seriously now. Something has to be done with the alcohol drinking business. The gray box might be endangered.

  6. (pulls out mobile sword....)

    Fear not dear Gnome, we'll fight them at the distilleries, the breweries, the customs depot and the bonded warehouse..

    no one endangers the grey box.... ;/

  7. (fixes bayonette)

    For the Grey Box!

    And a socialist monarchy run by me!

  8. ..and a socialist monarchy run by Gnome..


    ...hang on there a second...

    I'm all for protecting the gray/grey box, but let's review this Socialist Monarchy idea first..

    (pulls out portable negotiation table and chairs....sits down..)

  9. Monarchs don't negotiate.

    And from now on do refer to me as Richard the IVth.

  10. But that's downright tyrannical, no ones going to follow you if you behave like that, you'd have to make your subjects live in constant fear all the time...

    ...the IVth? wait now, how did you get to IV all of sudden?

  11. Well, the 3rd sort of died while waiting for a horse it seems, so I thought it would only be appropriate...

    And I'll be a most benevolent tyrrant too...

  12. What guarantee do we have that you'll be benelovent?

    Seems terribly convenient that Richard III passed away like that, what happened Richard II?

    (points microphone at Gnome..)

  13. Uhm well, judging by the fact that today's standards are in flux, one wouldn't dare talking about guarantees vis a vis said dreadful situation. Benevolence has to be re-appraised, re-valued and generally loved. As for the second, errr, uhm, Richard, wow! Look there!

    A triceratops!

  14. Spoken like a true statesman! thank you mr.Gnome

    Well that's it from your roaming reporter, don't forget to tune into Leaders Today at 8pm CET for an analysis of this interview, now over to the studio...

    (adjusts earpiece..)

    he said what!...don't be I'm finished the link...a triceraptops! :) what ye've been drinking?

    (smiles at Gnome)

    Somones spotted a Triceratops! LOL

  15. (LOLs and grabs a snack while waiting for the eight o' clock analysis)

    Thank god for that expensive training course in politics-lingo. Money well spent if you ask me.

  16. (sits beside the verbally talented Gnome...)

    ..with a bit of luck we'll get syndicated, now let's rehearse the script for the Sunday show...

  17. Aye. And I do believe a new red tie is in order.

  18. ...may i suggest orange..? viewing ratings drop with red ties... very difficult to watch in HD I beleive..

    now what knot? is windsor too much?

  19. I uhm wouldn't really know. But it does sound incredibly anti-socialist. So let's try something orange and simple.

  20. (...rings Gnome's cravates 24/7)