Thursday, September 22, 2011

Greedy Bankers vs The World (iPad)

When a game called Greedy Bankers vs The World is released for the iPad and you do actually own one of them contraptions, things are very simple: you pay up and download the thing immediately. I mean, really, Greedy Bankers vs The World? What name could ever hope to beat this? Besides, we really have to support timely and brilliant titled games you know... And this one is a pretty lovely iPad puzzle game too, that is offering both multiplayer and a refreshing sense of wackiness.

Greedy bankers... ooooh, how I hate you lot.


  1. ...(reads press statement)

    ..we would like to announce that as of yesterday, we no longer face the trials and tribulations of the handheldless. On recommendation from a Mr.Gnome, and a plastic and very flexible friend, we are now the proud and mesmerised part owners of an ipad 2......end of press release!

    (returns to unboxed ipad2...drools...)

  2. Never ever read press releases.

    Drooling is of course encouraged though...

  3. (...wipes drool...opens box.)

    ..where's the manual? where's the album cover art glidey thingy, where's the keyboard? oh look!!

    ...(narrowly misses a potentially harmful drool over the omnip...something or other screen)

  4. Blog Narrator9/24/2011 6:42 PM

    ..I'm gonna kick him! ;(

  5. (holds Narrator)

    It's touch-based. See?

    Elegant like that.

    No monitor though... weird...

  6. Gnome!!! Just downloaded "Terminus" a piece of interactive fiction...with terribly bad voice acting....but it's interactive fiction, I haven't played anything like this since.....I can't remember...

    (lies down on floor...interacting..)

  7. Blog Narrator9/26/2011 4:46 PM

    ...I'll give him interactive....

    Gnome sir, please let me go, just for one, well placed, swift but effective kick!!!

  8. Terminus? Hmmm.. doesn't ring a bell right now...

    Hold on.


    Aye, does look interesting, though it's more of a choose-your-own-adventure thing, isn't it? Still, I'd give it a chance...

    HOLD ON.

    You've really got an iPad, haven't you?

    (only barely holds the outraged Narrator)

  9. (sensing the cahnge in athmosphere.. elderly hides the ipad beneath shirt...)

    ..erm me? am not on me no, silly things those ipads...

    (smiles at Narrator..)


  10. Blog Narrator9/28/2011 10:16 PM

    ;/ so what's under your shirt then?

  11. It's an iPad then! How very lovely. No need to hide it my friend we are all technophiles here. Yes, that shadow approaching you is also technophilic.

    And may I say, a wise choice sir! Immediately download Frotz now. It's free and the best way to play the best text adventures/interactive fiction.

  12. :) you mean it's okay to bring my ipad in here?

    (hugs Gnome... heads off to download Frotz.. re-enters)

    silly me, no need to go anywhere..presses button!!


  13. Ah, the wonder of wireless internetical tubes!

  14. lol clever...:)
    that gray box just keeps on giving....

  15. And taking. It's connected to a soul collector, it is.

  16. ..that's kinda bad! still no worries I know a very good cobbler, have those shoes of yours fixed up in no time... :)

  17. Blog Narrator10/04/2011 2:27 AM

    ..not those souls you putz, it's his soul the inner.. erm am.. you know his soul...

    ..oh i just give up!