Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Atari Arcade - Duo Powered iPad Joystick

The ever-lovely GameSetWatch noticed that Atari is about to start selling the aptly named Atari Arcade - Duo Powered Joystick for the iPad and, well, I thought I'd let you all know. It will after all be a hopefully modestly priced add-on that will let retro gamers enjoy their favourite arcade games the way they were meant to be played; via joystick that is. The thing will obviously be compatible with Atari's Greatest Hits app, though I'm pretty sure a variety of other games will also be playable. 


  1. Genius whoever brought this to production, looks like Atari have borrowed Nintendo's grey box for a while, speaking of grey boxes...

  2. I wouldn't know anything about no grey boxes. No sir, not me.

  3. lol, you don't know...but .. you've ... why are you rolling your eyes...

    (becomes suddenly aware of a hair raising silence...turns to face gnomes audience....)

    gulp!.... erm yes.. lunchbox... just came by to borrow your lunchbox... dear gnome.. ahem... I'll a, I'll just be heading off then...

  4. Well, you could try.

    The door is right there...

  5. yes silliness, graybox indeed, who'd believe such a thing

    (tries door knob...but finds the door is locked)

    yes well :)

    (smiles at Gnome's audience..)

    ..nice weather we've been having lately

  6. Indeed, indeed. Besides, nobody would want said door opened.

    (winks at audience)

  7. ...gulp!...

    (attempts to erase earlier comments...fails.. ducks behind couch...)

  8. (elderly though soon discovers that a score of carnivorous ducks had been hiding behind said couch. Oh, the cruelty of pun-run places!)

  9. arghhhhhhhh!!! Quack!!

    (end of scene...curtains close)