Friday, August 19, 2011

My Secret Hideout (iPad)

Andrew Plotkin, a hero of interactive fiction and the man behind the incredibly promising and -hopefully- soon to be released Hadean Lands, has just unveiled his latest project: My Secret Hideout. It shockingly isn't a text adventure, though it definitely has a lot to do with text. It's an interactive text toy; a procedural poem generator; a piece of art; something unique. Actually, we wont get to actually understand it before its release, hopefully within the following few weeks for the iPad and iPad 2.  

To find out a bit more about My Secret Hideout, you could though do worse than visiting the lovely hideout site, where you'll be able to tease yourselves by looking at pics and reading texts. It's where you'll discover that this apparently lovely digital thing will allow you to attach virtual leaves to a textual tree and create stuff in a most intriguing way that has absolutely nothing to do with crafting. 


  1. Never thought i'd be sticking leaves on virtual trees on a Friday night... but it's kinda fun :) had forgotten what old paper smelt like...

  2. And now for some origami!

  3. 4?

    Definitely a 5 if you ask me.

  4. no's a boat with a sail, on the water!!! look i've even made a bird flying beside it...


    ....right I'm going back to sticking leafs ;(

  5. Actually that's pretty lovely. Might take a moment for my primitive mind to grasp, but it's a lovely stylization really.

  6. ...not i's fine, van gogh got that a lot too and look at the success he had....after his de...:(

    ...any self adhesive leafs? my tongue is bleeding....?

  7. Sure, sure, here. And they are the trippy ones too. Should help with the art bit.