Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Paradroid for the GP2X Wiz

Did I say Paradroid? Well, I definitely meant Freedroid and it has finally been released for my dear and very indie/freeware friendly Wiz handheld. You can download it here and it wont cost you a thing. Oh, and yes, it is indeed a remake of the excellent, incredibly fun and wildly innovative Paradroid from the Commodore 64 era. Hasn't aged a day this one...


  1. .....Aaaahhh!.. THUMP!

    ...erm...sorry I should have read the sign...

    (stares around in wonderment....)

    is nice here tooo!

  2. There you are!

    And more or less safe and unharmed too. Now, that's lovely. Here, your tea is ready and the bull is being slaughter. We'll marinate it ourselves and have a snack.

    How about that? Oh, and yes; is niiiiiice.

  3. (still mesmerized at the transformation....)

    Thank you Gnome :) and what a tasteful and industrious Gnome you are....

    (settles into black leather recliner,...surveying Gnome's collection of handhelds, each resting in their own brushed chrome designer housings)

    ...time to get my psp back from my daughter I think,

    (sips tea from a black, gold rimmed china cup...) this is the life!!! :)

  4. Oh, yes. And maybe even time to grab some sort iDevice too. Rumours have it the iPod Touch is quite the perfect little handheld.

  5. Tis a joyous contraption indeed and I have two work colleagues that are practically surgically attached to them, but the monthly rental price is truly obscene!! :(

  6. Yes, Apple bits and pieces do cost a pretty penny...

  7. I wake up Sunday morning to read epic games president suggesting the xbox 720 and Ps4 maybe dead on arrival thanks to the advance of handhelds.... and I kinda believe him.


    (...picks up Gnome's how to guide and reads..)

  8. OMG, a Paradroid Clone, so awesome. Loved to play Paranoid on my C64 way back, just great :D

  9. @ Elderly: Well dear friend I'm suspecting that Epic's president might be talking out of the cavernous depths of his notorious arse; wouldn't really care much for them prphets of gaming either. Still, do keep the guide.

    @ Alexander: A truly fantastic game indeed Alexander. And one rarely remade too.

  10. Phew! well that's a relief, neat trick though, the talking bit :)...

    (attempts to lift "Gnome's Guide to handhelds"...staggers....drops overweight tome on floor...)

    Thank you Gnome, a very generous offer, not available in pdf I presume? (settles down to read....)

  11. Unfortunately not dear friend. It's either leatherbound or nothing...

  12. no worries :) might need a hand lifting this.. ....eech... page!... nope your fine gottit!

    (page 2...elderly loses himself in the text.)