Monday, August 15, 2011

Pang on a Caanoo

To properly enjoy Pang one would either need an original 1989 arcade machine or at least some sort of 8- or 16-bit micro. Portability, let alone gaming in a bus, would as a result suffer, and this is why Caanoo owners should feel privileged. They have a lovely version of Pang available on their machine and it wont cost them a thing. Provided they follow this link that is.


  1. sigh!..I'm still on "A"... ?

    (gets Gnome's forklift, drives forks into the "C" Chapter of "Gnomes Guide to Handhelds" and presses lift gear....reads...Looks at pretty red bubble, looks at Gnome)

    .....Korea!? ...just how many types of thandhelds are there in the world?

  2. Yes, well, uhm, let me see.

    Can I have my (signed no less) guide back please? See, it's less than 20 these days. Happy, simple days they are.

  3. ....(uses forklift to place Gnomes Guidebook back on shelf.....)


    (...looks at Gnome's precious collection of handheld's....)


  4. :(....

    (goes to sit quitely on the black leather sofa...twiddles his thumbs and whistles...)


    ...erm weather's been nice for this time of year...


    ..hey a mummified Leprechaun would look great in here....

  5. You think so? But where could we ever hope to find one?

  6. ....find one? sure I've got Sheamus over in m...

    ...Indeed nigh impossible to find one since the global ban on dried leprechaun meat...

    (smiles to the customs men.....)

  7. (helps by smiling to the narrator and blogger repairman man)


  8. (smiles at the army sniper and the man driving the army tank....)


  9. (doesn't smile anymore)

  10. :(

    .... (stands behind Gnome...)

  11. (stands behind Elderly)

    (smiles a bit)

  12. 80.... ?! wait this isn't right, where's the script?

    (reads script....)

    I knew it... we skipped an entire scene, the dried leprechaun reveal was too early...back to the guide book and forklift scene... :(

  13. Oh my, my, my. I do believe should go for more improvisational art.

    (wears tutu, recites Lenin)

    See? Way more artistic.