Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wolfenstein 3D Lite

With lite versions usually being little less than demos and traditional controls usually failing to properly adjust themselves to a touch-screen only environment, I do believe that FPS nostalgics should give Wolf3D Lite a try; just like I did. It plays much better than expected (though far from perfectly), looks lovely in a retro kind of way and definitely wont overstay its welcome. Don't think anybody would really care to properly finish the thing...


  1. ...erm what level are the leather clad female ss Officers on? (lifs revolver, hand shakes....) darn!...

  2. The paid level I'm afraid. Sadly, that is.

  3. ...darn... no worries, Okay i'm gonna sit at this level, there bound to pass through during lunch hour...

    (reloads revolver....)

  4. Nice revolver really. An antique?

  5. ...a little pixelated round the edges, but no I don't think so..

    (hands shake...)

    drat, erm could I borrow your rocket launcher by any chance?