Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vacationing with Life Support

Well, the time has come for poor ol' me to take a few days off and check whether the sea still is where it's supposed to be. This, precious readers, means that Gaming on the Go wont be updated for the next 10 days or so and we can all take a break. Before I leave though, I'll let you in on a little secret: Life Support. It's a science fiction story by Verena Kyratzes and it's already been loaded into my Kindle and waiting to be enjoyed somewhere lovely. I do suggest you give it a look. It's almost free and judging by author's previous work (yes, that would also include games) Life Support has to be great.

See you all in September!


  1. sob, sniff!... sigh!...

    (waters handhelds....)

  2. Oh my! They've bloomed!

    Thank you so much elderly dear!

  3. they what?... but they, their...
    well I never.... 80

    (heads home to pour some water on his computer...)

  4. Did it bloom or boom?

    Horrible pun, I know. Just bare with me...

  5. .....:(

    boomed I'm afraid! then lights went out and local utility company have only just now managed to get the power back for the entire city block...

    ..powerful thing water...

  6. So I hear. Rumours speak of it having something to do with that nefarious sounding corrosion thing too...

  7. ...rust!! yep we got that here too! :(

    and people walking around with plastic bottles full of imported water, like they're gonna drop from dehydration in a country where it rains every second day....

    bet it's addictive too

  8. Are you sure it's only water?

    I mean addictive water in small bottles could be dynamite. Commercially speaking of course.

    And you've got rain too. Lucky bastards... Just don't tell the IMF.

  9. too late :( that'll teach me

    (elderly returns to the IMF rain water processing plant flanked by IMF security guards...)

    Neoliberalism sucks!

  10. Yep.

    Guess it will have to be smashed then.

  11. (sneaks spanner inside work jacket...smiles at Gnome)