Monday, November 01, 2010

Interactive Fiction Lives on the iOS

It seems that interactive fiction, classic text adventures if you prefer, is getting stronger and more popular on those iOS devices Apple seems to love producing. You can already play retro Zenobi adventures on your iPad, iPhone or iPod via the ZX Nostalgia app and Textfyre is also planning to unleash some modern i-f on the devices. You can even grab the excellent and very freeware Frotz app, that will let you enjoy both classic Infocom games (think Zork, Planetfall and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and contemporary offerings.

What's more, Andrew Plotkin, a prolific and incredibly talented interactive fiction author has decided to produce epic, polished and hopefully impressive text adventures for the iOS. His project, that appeared less a day ago on Kickstarter, has already surpassed its 8,000$ funding goal, which means that gamers will soon get to enjoy his forthcoming interactive alchemical interplanetary thriller: Hadean Lands. Oh, and quite possibly many more interactive fiction goodies too, as Plotkin seems willing to invest part of the money on strengthening the i-f community and genre.

More info can be found here, where you too can also support the project, try a demo, watch a trailer, play some quality text adventures, discover what makes interactive fiction such a beautiful genre and effectively preorder the game. 


  1. Also on the Android.. Hunky Punk, Twisty and Marvin for ZX Spectrum titles, including the Zenobi ones of course.

  2. Aye, indeed dear smartgenes. I've already written bits on the Androd interactive fiction offerings, but I really should write more. BTW, that's a brilliant blog you've got there! Just brilliant!