Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Elder Sign: Omens for iPhone

Seems that porting successful board games to the iPhone is all the rage these days, but you definitely wont see me complaining about it. Not when such excellent games as Elder Sign: Omens by Fantasy Flight is now available on the App Store, complete with stunning graphics, tons of polish and the updated game mechanics we all came to love on the original Elder Sign game. 

Hopefully the trailer posted below and a virtual trip over to the game's site will get you all excited too. This my friends is a fantastic game.


  1. Elder!!!!

    hey how come... (scratches head..)

    (writes word Elder, then Scrolls, stares for hours at the conundrum where one word is legally actionable and the other not....)



    Scrolls is plural, plus it's got an extra vowel!!!! lawsuit!!!

  2. An amazing -nay, a herculean- feat of the mind my learned friend. You must indeed publish your significant findings in a journal you know.

    (lights pipe)