Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Android Graveyard

Belgian indie developer Tale of Tales isn't afraid to try new, wild, and deeply artistic things, and it most definitely isn't afraid to publish its well-known The Graveyard on Android. Now, as Graveyard isn't exactly a game, but more of poetic, interactive experience of sorts it most definitely isn't for everyone. Then again some might say that slowly having an old lady walk through a most atmospheric, melancholic and serene graveyard is both enlightening and rather boring. Especially when lacking any meaningful sort of objectives or exploration options.

Anyway. Why don't you first give the free version of The Graveyard a try and, then, should you want to experience the full (yet very short) thing, buy the full version? Oh, and do visit the highly intriguing Tale of Tales site. It's filled with odd and ambitious projects, it is.


  1. Followed the link and some stunning projects indeed, played Clannad the Visual Novel recently and I liked the change in pace...

  2. Clannad eh? I'll have a look then oh wise one.

  3. Ah :(

    ...may not be to your taste, it's a dating sim, ported to the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

  4. Dating sim? I do hope it's dirty.


    It's not, is it?

  5. It's a bishojou, pretty, but the type you'd bring them home to mama. Though why dating sims haven't caught on over here is a puzzlement....

  6. Indeed. I'm deeply confused...

  7. (the camera pans away from the puzzled duo to a lone seagull floating over the seashore....)

  8. I'm jealous of these birds. They never seem confused. Or disoriented.


    That must have hurt.

    (calls seagull ambulance)