Monday, November 21, 2011

DOS emulator for the DS

What a difference an O can make, eh? Hmm, feel free to ignore that, but -if you own a Nintendo DS- also feel free to grab the freeware and pretty excellent PC/MS-DOS emulator that is DSx86. It emulates both 286 and 386 PC on the DS and comes with complete Soundblaster, mouse, keyboard and VGA support and will let you enjoy all those unforgettable classics on the go. The emulator is already compatible with dozens of games, among which you can find such brilliant titles as Wing Commander, Ultima Underworld, Sensible Soccer, Stellar 7, Alley Cat, Dune 2 and Elvira.


  1. Right nw yu've tld me t ignre it, I can't d withut it!!!!

    bldy 's


  2. Use the mouse, use the mouse!