Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Desert Bus iOS for free

Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors is an unreleased game for the Sega (Mega) CD that, among a variety of deranged mini games and sketches, also featured the now-famous Desert Bus bus-driving simulator. It was a game (of sorts) that was designed to both infuriate and ridicule hardcore gamers, as all you had to do was drive a painfully slow bus between Tuscon and Las Vegas in real time. Games rarely get duller than this, but as a joke and a means to organize charity gaming events the thing worked.

Happily, it will now also work on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (and thus even on a real bus from Tuscon to Las Vegas) as Amateur Pixels have ported the game to iOS and released it free of charge. You can download Desert Bus via the App Store. Just remember that the game doesn't let you pause it and will not provide you with any challenge whatsoever. Fun, eh?

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