Friday, November 11, 2011

The BBC Micro Emulator for Android

The BBC Micro, the powerful 8-bit micro that helped educate Britain's youth back in the 80s, was a unique and most excellent machine, that had more than a few classics developed for it. It was after all the home of the original Elite and my favourite less-known gem Frak. Happily, you can now either get to know or nostalgically re-experience BBC Micro gaming on your Android phone.

How? Why, by grabbing the brilliant, freeware and opensource Beebdroid emulator of course. It's available over at the Android Market, runs smoothly on any Android device, has been optimized for the Xperia Play and will let you enjoy a ton of fantastic retro games. Beebdroid will also allow you to customize your controls, while also providing all the handy features modern emulators do.


  1. 8-bit planets then... Ooooh, I'm good with binary!

  2. An entire planet in 8 bits... quite beleivable at the time, I spent so much time on Elite.. that sense of anticipation was never equaled, though I did run out of fuel occasionally


    lost in space... no fun

  3. And dock the wrong (and most lethal) way.

    Still, it was a unique game, that has still to be surpassed.

    May I suggest you give Oolite a try then?

  4. Wow!

    (elderly humbly bows to the most knowledgeable Gnome)

    Never saw this, and it's editable!!

    Thank you!! :)

  5. You are most welcome my friend.

    If only it were edible too...