Monday, November 21, 2011

Dingo: a lost Speccy classic on iOS

Dingo was an Ashby Computer & Graphics arcade game that, most shockingly, never got the Ultimate Play The Game treatment and was thus never ported to the ZX Spectrum. Happily, coder Soren Borgquist and artist Mark Jones came to the rescue and released an excellent Speccy remake/port of the thing; the aptly named Dingo. The new Dingo is available for free both on the ZX Spectrum and iOS (via the App Store). It's a fantastic and elegant retro offering of a game, that despite being let down by touch controls is definitely worth the brief download. It does play brilliantly on anything with a keyboard mind.


  1. or it could be that some peoples fingers are not electrical enough,

    Luckily I've patented an iPad diet, with a high emphasis on Iron intake and immersion in radio waves, now available on Amazon


  2. You are becoming an X-Man! How very impressive!

    Can I have an autograph?

    And, uhm, should we contact Apple?