Friday, October 07, 2011

VVVVVV coming to the 3DS

I have so far more or less been ignoring the 3DS, but apparently wont be able to keep doing so for much longer, as Terry Cavanagh's excellent VVVVVV has just been announced for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Yes, the best platformer since Manic Miner is getting a much deserved handheld port that sounds utterly brilliant. Oh, and in case you haven't played VVVVVV yet, you really should. Give at least my VVVVVV review over at Gnome's Lair a read or try its two level demo. You'll be immediately hooked.

As for the 3DS port, well, it's looking pretty much amazing. It will feature all of the original's levels, as well as its lovely retro-esque graphics, trippy tunes and amazing gameplay, but also sport some proper 3D effects, a real-time map displayed on the console's lower screen, new levels and more. You can find out more about it and read the official press release of a Terry's distractionware site.


  1. (enters after a late night work shift...) Wow they really are pulling out all the stops to make the 3DS a success....

    (trips....falls headlong into the cats food bowl...spitting out rancid meat elderly stands up)

    ...dagnabbit who put those tunes there?

  2. (removes tunes, dry cleans Elderly)

    There. You do look tired you know.

    Here the ladies will serve you (dinner only, I'm afraid). Oh, and you should really play VVVVVV on the PC. It's too brilliant for words and actually made by a great guy.

  3. Well I do....

    (takes morcel from Marcella..chews)

    ...heed your advice, so..

    (takes tidbit from Tara....chews)

    I'll give a go... But I'm puzzled...

    (takes treat from Charlene.....) be back in a little while :)

    thanks Gnome!

  4. (stays, lonely, and waits)

    Not even a tiny snack left...

  5. Blog Narrator10/12/2011 3:09 AM

    s'okay Gnome I'm here... 3 females huh! wonder what he's doing now? Tara looked nice... ahem!

    how long is he gone now...?

  6. Two days...

    (softly sobs)

    And I'm out of chicken wings too.

  7. I got some cheese crackers, if there any good to you?

    ....maybe he's had a heart attack!




  8. (out of character : LOLs and LOLs)

    Yes, crackers. And :(

  9. oh cra... p! damn, drat, darn....

    (heads back to costume department....)

  10. ahem.....

    here ya go Gnome.... lol

    ....nah think this is one for the blooper real.....


  11. crap, my brain isn't connecting with my....brain

    lol, now I am seriously wondering if dementia has arrived early


    oh well onto bigger and better things

  12. You do know monarchs always appreciated demented advisers, don't you Grand Vizier?

  13. a vizier!! :D for protecting against the sun's rays? Gnome your a buddy protecting my eyesight like that...

  14. Blog Narrator10/19/2011 2:54 AM

    I can't... I literally can't take much more of this... did you know my doc has me on medication, where's the health and safety rep.. this is Narrator abuse this is.... :(

  15. Take a deep breath dear Narrator. And Elderly why don't you try those new arcade cabinets I installed?

    Now, Narrator, please, take this lovely little pink pill.

  16. Blog Narrator10/22/2011 3:01 AM

    tasty sugary pill, nice!

    :) :[ :> :<


  17. Gnome is it natural for Narrators to change colours like that?

    oh look... puce, reminds me of the hospital ward

  18. No. He's a doppelganger.

    Shoot him

    (shoots him)



  19. ( )

    A bit harsh...

    Wonder how long it'll take google to find a replacement, and how is it we only ever get male narrators?

    ( )

  20. They are cheaper and mass produced apparently. Do believe the new one will be here very soon and we wont even know the difference.