Friday, October 14, 2011

How to emulate the Atari Lynx

Seeing as the Atari Lynx has yet to get a decent emulator on iOS and WiZ, I do believe that the best way to enjoy the games of this classic handheld would be on the comfort of your PC. Or Mac. Or even Amiga. And the very best Lynx emulator is none other than the excellent Handy Lynx. You can download the Windows version here, the Mac version here and the Amiga one here. Oh, and as you'll also be needing the Atari Lynx BIOS ROM, you'd better grab it the direct download way. Everything is freeware, mind.

To grab some game ROMS, you should go on and download them over at the glorious Atari Age site. I suggest you start off with Chip's Challenge, Blue Lightning, Ninja Gaiden, Toki and Shadow of the Beast. Finally, here's a tutorial; you know, just to make sure.


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  9. Hi Is there any update on IOS version?

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