Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scribblenauts Remix (iOS)

The Scribblenauts games for the DS were two of the most refreshing (recent) offerings for Nintendo's ageing handheld. They were essentially incredibly unique physics-puzzle games, in which gamers could summon any item they could think of merely by typing in its name. An impressive variety of options ranging from dinosaurs to bicycles and apples to bees had been included. Intrigued? Good, for Scribblenauts has already arrived on the App Store and is ready to run on your iPhone or iPad.

What's more, this is the brand new Scribblenauts Remix version of the game, featuring the levels of both Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts, as well as an extra 10 levels. And just like Super Scribblenauts, it will  allow you to play with a colossal bus and a tiny giraffe. Definitely worth the $5 methinks... 


  1. excellent, type anything an it appears, now that is nifty idea..:)

    now just to check to exchange rates, timing is off the essence..

    (monitors apps store and international monetary markets.....)

    Thank you for the tip, hadn't heard of it before :)

  2. A pleasure. It was pretty lovely on the DS, though I believe it could have been this little bit better. Still, an excellent idea.

  3. (yen dips, dollar rises, euro...well the euro is the euro..presses button..)

    :( oh oh...

    (elderly has pressed the resync button 5gb of data, is wiped from his ipad and the long.. lonnnnggg process of putting his files back on his ipad begins....)

  4. Blog Narrator10/19/2011 2:43 AM

    what an idiot!!

  5. A heroic and resyncing one I suppose!

  6. epic in length, heroic only in terms of nothing else to do but wait, and frustrating because the bloody thing assumes you want your entire music library resynced, I hate it when devices make assumptions.....

  7. Blog Narrator10/22/2011 2:54 AM

    ahaa I was wondering when the honeymoon would end

    heee heee :)

  8. Another sad love story then... Or is it?

    Tell us Elderly, how often does she need resyncing? Is she bossy about it? Is there a possibility you've led her to such assumptions?

  9. (shuffles feet uncomfortably, looks slightly embarassed)


    perhaps I may have misled her, but surely she should know what I'm thinking, if she really liked me she'd know, intuitively, plus she overrides my firewall settings!

  10. She. Does. What?


    I'm standing by you on this one.

    (stands next elderly)

    (strikes heroic pose)

  11. (ipad remains stationary...elderly turns off all automatic features...)

    There much more human, and manageable :)

    Thank you Gnome!

  12. You are most welcome.

    Did it really work?

    Woow. I sometimes impress myself.