Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miner 2049er free for iOS

Bill Hogue's 1982 masterpiece, Miner 2049er, is a historically important game, one of the first true platform games ever, excellent fun and the game that actually inspired Manic Miner. What's more, it has aged gracefully and gotten itself a pretty lovely update while being ported over to the touchscreens of the iPhone and iPad. You can happily grab said latest version of Miner 2049er over at the App Store for absolutely free. Oh, and you'll be getting both the classic and the updated versions of the game. Lucky you, eh?


  1. what! your kiddin me!?

    (disappears to find ipad app....)

  2. Blog Narrator10/19/2011 2:33 AM

    well that's him gone for a few days... you know your too good to him!!

  3. Too good? Nah... I have to one day tell you all about Elderly's heroic battles during the early 20th century. He's earned the iPad and the games.

  4. Blog Narrator10/22/2011 2:27 AM

    See there you go again, just wish he'd stop flaunting it!!! just once, just for an infintesimal quintient of an iota!!

    I'm hyperventilating again aren't I?


  5. Only slightly. Here, have a GameBoy.


  6. Blog Narrator10/25/2011 1:51 AM

    :D much better, never plaed a gameboy before, this is fantastic!

    Thank you Gnome, here, here try my micro keypad! It's got stabiliser cap locks, state of the art!

  7. Wow!

    Oh, Now stabiliser shift then eh?

    Oh well...

  8. Blog Narrator10/31/2011 4:06 PM

    It's got a gyroscopic gravity locky thingy, here just tilt it like this.....

    See :)