Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's alive! On iOS too!

Yehuda Berlinger's excellent board-game has gotten a much deserved yet utterly unexpected iOS remake, meaning that It's Alive! can now also be enjoyed the digital way. Well, provided one (and his or her friends of course) has access to an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The game will obviously sport AI opponents, but will also be playable by up to 5 people, while simultaneously sporting beautiful graphics, a full soundtrack, an illustrated in-game manual and a variety of other extras. As for the original board game itself, you can find out more here or read Yehuda's interview on Gnome's Lair. The iOS game will very soon be available on the App Store. For now, better try its official site.

[UPDATE]: It's Alive! has been released! Get it via the App Store.


  1. Where was this when I had the leprechaun's corpse? I could have chopped him up and made a fortune!!

  2. See? It's that lack of enterprise spirit we all seem to be paying... Damn. If only we had such ideas when the times were right.

  3. :(

    there'll be another occassion...

    (slinks away despondently, riches once again having eluded him)

  4. (Stockpiles on weapons, reads urban guerilla manual)

    Just thought of another way...

  5. No, no, no.

    Urban warfare!

  6. YES!

    And missiles. And bombs. And minature city-friendly tanks.


    I'll have a lie down.