Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tiny Wings - a tiny review

If you own an iPhone, chances are you have either downloaded or -at the very least- heard of Tiny Wings. It has after all been topping charts worldwide for quite some time now, and seems to be evolving into a gaming phenomenon that might just reach Angry Birds proportions. Then again, it is deeply inspired by the success of Angry Birds, what with its feathered protagonist, cute graphics and simple, derivative gameplay. 

Is it any good though? Well, chances are the people that enjoy simple -simplistic even- easy to learn, easy to master games will probably love it and be willing to spend $0.99 to grab a copy. Its one button mechanics, Mordillo-esque graphics, randomized -well, in a most basic fashion- levels, polished feel and decent sounds make for a rather appealing if shallow offering. Just tap the screen to slide down the hills or hasten the tiny wings' bird descent and try to pick up speed. Oh, and do try to reach each level's end before the sun rises. That's all really.

Also that's why I simply just can't get into the game. Granted, it's all very relaxing and cute, but after a while, and I do mean after 10 or so minutes, everything gets quite boring. All you'll need to master it are those few minutes. Tiny Wings is, in a nutshell, far too shallow, far too monotonous and far too easy for me to enjoy, let alone keep me glued to the screen... You can still find out more about it and grab a copy here. Then again the iPhone has so many brilliant, original games, I'd advise against downloading Tiny Wings.


  1. well, the hills change on a day to day basis, so unless you can make 50 islands before day's end... I seriously doubt you've "mastered" this game.

  2. Never said I mastered the thing, but -truth be said- it never felt interesting enough for me to try to.