Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ashens: the 3DS review

Still haven't decided -let alone grabbed- on the Nintendo 3DS. Truth be said though I'm far less negative towards it than a few weeks ago, what with the unveiling of more than a few interesting features beside the 3D effect of its screen and its lovely augmented reality tricks. On the other hand, the things price, battery life and incredibly expensive games (at least when compare to your average App Store offering) remain highly problematic.

Then again, why listen to me speculate, when the dear and funny Dr. Ashens came up with this most excellent 3DS rant/review thingy you can watch below? No reason really.


  1. I remain sceptical, sorry. Much more looking forward to Sony's NGP - but then again, I tend to fall for the looks. And I'm a bit of a Sony fanboy, too.

  2. Oh, but I'm deeply skeptical myself dear Barts and will definitely not be getting a 3DS anytime soon. As for the NGP, well, at least it lacks the 3D gimmick.