Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The 3DS Eurogamer review

Despite enjoying most of Nintendo's handhelds so far -and I'm old enough to remember the exciting Game Boy launch- I have so far been decidedly cold towards the 3DS. It looks overpriced and far too gimicky for my tastes, though admittedly it does seem that one has to experience the thing and its 3D effect to be sure. Interestingly this 3DS review by the excellent and rather wise people over at Eurogamer has both confirmed my fears and actually intrigued me regarding the thing.

The 3DS, you see, does indeed drain its batteries as fast as a Lynx and is actually more expensive than any other handheld console (the games are also far too pricey themselves), but -with Nintendo behind it- the handheld has seemingly some brilliant new ideas embedded in its rather bulky self. The 3D camera, the augmented reality games and an unashamedly silly and toy-ish outlook could probably make up for any shortcoming, though truth be said it will all boil down to games. Oh, and no, I won't be getting on myself just yet... 

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