Friday, March 18, 2011

It's the Free-App Hero!

Apple's App Store is indeed thriving with tons of free, freeware. lite and freemium apps, that are there to rob you of your most sacred free time and in the later cases of your money. What's more, many new ones are released each and every day, whereas more than a few are, well, quite frankly shit. Enter Free-App Hero; the app that monitors, rates and selects the best free apps available. And, yes, you can actually trust the thing, for the man responsible for Free-App Hero is none other than legendary game journalist Rev. Stuart Campbell of Retro Gamer, Edge, Amiga Format, PC Gamer, PC Zone, Sega Power and Your Sinclair fame. You can find out more about this fantastic app here or even try it's pretty amazing and actually freeware Cheapskate Edition.

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