Thursday, April 19, 2012

Total War Battles: Shogun

I haven't played it just yet, but can't help and feel excited for Total War's port to mobile devices. Yes, the stunning, deep and classic RTS has already appeared on iOS and will let you battle for dominance in medieval Japan with the help of Total War Battles: Shogun. The game has been designed for both the iPhone and the iPad, sports a unique touch-based interface, brilliant graphics, deep gameplay and local multiplayer.

Apparently, the game will soon be coming to Android too. 


  1. Considering the popularity and critical acclaim of the series, this can only be a good thing. I hope ittranslates well. I've only gotten to play a little bit of one Total War game thus far, and it's solid to be sure.

    1. Quite love the series myself. I do too hope they made a solid translation but will let you know as soon as I play the thing.