Monday, April 23, 2012

Join the iOS Elite

Elite was a ground-breaking game. A true masterpiece and a technical 8-bit marvel that went on to inspire a variety of space-sims and open world games, including such classics as the brilliant Wing Commander: Privateer and Grand Theft Auto. Happily, the recently released Unknown is an excellent iOS freeware offering that will help you remember what roaming the galaxy felt like or, for the younger lot, introduce you to the many wonders of Elite.

The game is a pretty faithful retro remake of the original, that isn't afraid to add a ton of new gameplay elements, spaceships, multiplayer options, leaderboards and shiny new graphics. It also features some pretty decent controls. Get it on the App Store. Now!


  1. Any news on whether this is going to see a android release as I loved Elite back in the day and would love to have an updated and modernised hand held version for my Asus Transformer!

    1. Sadly no. You might find this interesting though:

  2. Boo still waiting on word for an android release!!!