Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lords of Midnight goes mobile

Anyone old enough to remember the ZX Spectrum RPG/strategy epic that was Lords of Midnight should be delighted to know that its release (a remake actually) on the iPhone and iPad (who knows, maybe even Android too) is coming closer with each passing day. And the latest video released by its developer is too promising. Yes, despite the placeholder bits and the blurry video quality. Anyway. Find out more about the project and follow its development over at the ice-blog.


  1. Awesome, and yes I am that old. As proof, may I point out that you've illustrated it with a screenshot from Doomdark's Revenge.

    Actually if anyone's really bothered, they can already play either game on their iphone by downloading a spectrum emulator app. But the new version looks like it has potential to be very cool and bring in new features.

  2. Doomdark's Revenge? Really? Well, I must admit I haven't played anything by Mr. Singleton in over 15 years and am kind of rusty. Sorry about that :)

    Oh, and thanks for a most uplifting comment; we are indeed many!