Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adventure Game Studio PSP

The Adventure Game Studio, as you might already be aware of, is a powerful yet simple to use and very freeware (open source too) tool for creating point-and-click adventure games for the PC. It has already helped with the creation of such masterpieces as Gemini Rue, the Blackwell series, Eternally Us, The Shivah, Snakes of Avalon, Metal Dead and seems to have played an integral part in the adventure game renaissance we are experiencing.

Happily, you can now play all those fantastic adventures on your Sony PSP too, what with the release of the impressive Adventure Game Studio Runtime for PSP. At the time of writing all games made with AGS version 2.50 or higher and running in low resolution are supported.


  1. I think a "Hell YEAH!" is in order.

  2. Indeed! Gemini Rue and Blackwell on the go! Oh, yes and all those gems by Ben 304, Yahtzee etc.