Thursday, June 16, 2011

The new and improved Free-App Hero

Apple's App Store is filled to the brim with thousands of free, lite, freemium and freeware apps (and of course games); not surprisingly more than a few are a waste of time, while some could be considered downright insulting. It would be lovely knowing what to download, wouldn't it? Even better if someone let you know of each and every commercial app... gone free Enter Stuart Campbell, legendary game reviewer and co-creator of Cannon Fodder 2, and his excellent Free-App Hero, that has already helped us chose the very best (always handpicked) from what's on offer. 

Happily, this excellent app has further evolved and matured into the just-released and even more impressive Free-App Hero 2.0. The new version, available both as a free/lite download and as a paid app, now supports multitasking, cached lists and a variety of other enhancements and extras. You can find out more about the app over at Stuart's WOSblog. Oh, and you can grab the full version here, whereas Free-App Hero CE is available here.  

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